Sistemas de agitación escalables 100% neumáticos, diseñados y fabricados bajo las normas ATEX, con el primer sistema en el mundo para medir las RPM´S de agitación en ambientes explosivos. 

Stirring attachments


The technology integrated to our system allows to convert a basic equipment of any brand to a fully equipped one.

Radial Stirrer

El sistema de agitación es 100% flexible, se puede montar en tapas for pails, pressure tanks, 200L drums or manual systems.


System compatible with leading brands of pumping and painting agitator, adhesives, oils, greases, sealants and industrial fluids.

RPM´S Meter

El primer sistema en el mundo capaz de medir las RPM´S de forma 100% neumática, evitando errores en las mezclas por falta o exceso de RPM´S en la agitación

Customer Service Offices


Sistema de agitación

Reduce costs in your processes with PULSAR technology

Pulsar technology helps to reduce mixing errors, thanks to its RPM'S meter for explosive and non-explosive environments, guaranteeing quality at all times. 

Our experience

More than 15 years in the market have led us to find effective solutions for the treatment of different types of paints, adhesives, greases, oils, sealants and industrial fluids.

Designed and manufactured under ATEX standards.

The design of the system allows it to be coupled and scaled to circulating systems inside mixing rooms or paint booths, with no risk of explosions and minimum maintenance thanks to its radial motor.


Stainless steel body

Pulsar systems are designed for the agitation of all types of materials, from water-based to corrosive fluids, maintaining the quality of the material intact at all times without risk of oxidation or wear of the material.

regulador de presión

RPM control at all times

With our pressure control regulators, the user has complete control of the RPM'S.  Ensuring the same quality of agitation in all your processes. 

Stirring system variants

the agitation systems PULSAR meet different needs de las industrias, totalmente compatibles y escalables con el sistema medidor de RPM de agitación 

Basic systems

Pump Systems

Systems with timer

Pressure tank systems

Scalable systems

Complement your basic system to a fully equipped one, see our range of models, compatible with any agitator base, in 20L, 200L models, for pressure tanks and manual systems. 

Success stories behind us

More than 30 industries already work with our pulsar agitation system, improving the quality of their processes and generating savings by avoiding mixing errors.  

alvaro fuentes ortega
paint process manager

"The paint and fluid industry, suffer from constant changes and we need better technologies for the handling of these, our patented product not only improves the quality of agitation, it also ensures the RPM frequency that each fluid needs depending on the technical data sheet of the fluid." 

Do you have any doubts or questions?

We have specialized technical advisors to help you make the best decision for the agitation of your fluids, contact us, we can advise you.



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